Executive Director’s Letter

Tom Stanton

Collective Impact Initiatives


The Rapoport Foundation awarded a grant to Prosper Waco, a collaborative initiative addressing issues facing the Greater Waco community in the areas of education, health and financial security.

One thing which is a certainty with the Rapoport Foundation is the “consistency of purpose” maintained since the Foundations inception in 1986. Its functionality has always mirrored consistency with the continual passage of time.

B and Audre had a purpose outlined in their mission and vision for the Foundation which can be easily summarized through their words of “let’s help those who can’t help themselves.” It has been a consistent operational principle to which they have always aspired.

As a beacon which continues to shine brightly, Audre and her leadership as President is a constant reminder of the Foundation’s direction and responsibilities. Her presence, and Ronnie’s as Chairman, are elements which maintain significant Board involvement in activities that make it all “tick” like the operational gears of a smooth running clock.

B and Audre have strongly believed in the process and execution of focus, and our outstanding Trustees have maintained that strategy, not only with this past year’s grant awards for 2013, but also through years prior which have now tabulated over $61 million in gifts and pledges. And time continues to march on….

We at the Foundation are working from sunup to sundown to provide the needed consistency of effort. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to continue to do wonderful things with our assets and resources for organizations and projects that make a difference.

As each hour in the day passes with the striking tones of time, we are continually reminded of the fiduciary responsibilities of changing lives, improving quality of life, reflecting and attempting effective change to massive social justice issues, and to provide leadership to our community of Waco Texas, the Nation, and Israel through the blessings that have been bestowed on the Rapoport Family and Foundation.

Tom Stanton
Executive Director