Grant Guidelines


Does the Foundation make grants outside of Waco/McLennan County?

Yes, approximately one-third of Foundation grants are dedicated to scholarships for enrolled freshmen at the University of Texas as well as to two Jewish organizations; one-third remains in the Waco/McLennan County area; and the remaining third is spent outside of Waco.

Do you give grants to individuals?

No. The Rapoport Foundation can distribute grants only to qualified public entities or 501(C)(3) charities.

How much does your Foundation give each year?

Most private and corporate foundations are required to give away approximately 5% of the income earned each year. When the economy is good, and investments perform well, the Foundation is able to give away more than in “lean” years.

I think I have a good idea for a grant but I’m not certain it exactly meets your priorities. May I call to discuss this with someone?

Certainly! The Foundation welcomes calls and emails to help organizations decide if it makes sense to prepare an application.

What is a typical grant size?

The Foundation has three major grants meetings per year in which the board makes determinations about grants from various amounts. Sometimes the Board may vote to award only partial amounts of what was requested. Staff may be able to offer guidance on an appropriate request.

Will I be notified about the disposition of my request?

Yes. You will receive an initial acknowledgment. If the request is eligible for consideration, you will be contacted to set up a site visit or to secure additional information. Grants that are eligible but are not funded are either declined or deferred to a future meeting. Your organization will receive notification within two to three weeks after the grants meeting.

Milestone Grants