Democracy & Civic Participation

The Foundation supports efforts both to make government more responsive and to encourage citizens to take an active interest and role in political life. The Foundation promotes intergovernmental cooperation as well as initiatives that broaden citizen awareness of public policy issues and alternatives, build skills necessary for political leadership, and provide opportunities for community service.

2014 Grants Awarded

Alliance for Justice | Washington, DC | $25,000
Funding support for advocacy and mobilization of the Texas nonprofit community

Circle at Tufts University | Medford, MA | $47,162
Funding support for continued research related to voter suppression

Economic Policy Institute | Washington, DC | $49,400
Funding  support for a second year Rapoport Post

Collegiate Fellowship Institute for America’s Future | Richmond, VA | $25,000
Funding support for organizational support

Interfaith Workers Justice | Chicago, IL | $15,000
Funding support for the internship program at Providence College

Texas Observer | Austin, TX | $50,000
Funding support for annual publication support

Texas Observer | Austin, TX | $25,000
Funding support for travel costs associated with fundraising efforts incurred by the Publisher & Editor

Virginia 21 | Richmond, VA | $75,000
Funding support for the Leadership Development Program